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Date published: February 22, 2018

Take on the #salfordgreenpower challenge!

We are thrilled to announce the university is taking part in the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge!

We’re creating a number of Greenpower teams to design and build single-seat electric cars to race in events across the UK; and we need you!

So what can you do as part of a Greenpower team?

Don’t fancy speeding around a racetrack or grappling with a chassis? No problem! Whatever your skills, from business and marketing to aerodynamics and graphic design, there's a place for you in our Greenpower team.

Roles include:

  • Mechanical, Aeronautical and Electrical Engineering – of course, to compete against the best in the industry, we need the best Salford engineers to design and build our car. This is your chance to show your skills to top employers in the sector!
  • Graphic Design and Fashion – we need graphic designers and fashion students to create the look and feel for the car livery, come up with a name and brand, and design the all-important team uniforms.
  • Journalism, Broadcast Media and Photography – we want this to be a project the whole university can get behind, so we need creative communicators to keep everyone updated with blogs, vlogs and news reports. We also want to create a buzz around the project with promo videos and a documentary following the team’s progress.
  • Sports Science and Psychology of Sport – as well as working to make sure the driver is ergonomically positioned, our Greenpower teams need to have the winning mind set, stay mentally and physically fighting fit and be at the top of our game!
  • Marketing, Business & Management & Accounting and Finance – to be successful, our Greenpower teams will need strong team management and leadership, excellent project management, and good accountancy and budget planning. We also need to create a website and an effective and compelling marketing programme to attract partners and sponsors.

The Greenpower Challenge is recognised and valued by industry leaders and experts and will provide valuable real-world and industry-relevant experience, helping you stand out and get ahead in your chosen career. You’ll be representing the University of Salford nationally and, once we’ve got into our stride, internationally, racing against teams from industry and other universities.

A high proportion of students participating in the Greenpower Challenge have secured work placements, internships, and employment as a direct result of their participation.

To find out more, hear from top industry experts about how and why to get involved, and meet students from a Greenpower Championship winning team, come along to the New Adelphi Theatre on Wednesday 7 March for an exciting, interactive morning session.

Get your tickets now!

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