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Date published: May 03, 2019

Take part in Dementia Action Week

Get involved in raising awareness for Dementia Action Week. From 20-26 May 2019, the Salford Institute for Dementia will be hosting a series of events, all made to unite and encourage understanding around dementia and its effects.

Monday 20 May


INTRODUCTION TO DEMENTIA at Media City Campus – Room MCUK3.07; 10am-12pm

This event is for people who would like to develop their understanding of what it means to be living with dementia regardless of their current experience.

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LIVING LIBRARY at Media City Campus – Room MCUK3.07; 12-1pm

Living libraries are libraries in which people take the place of books.

This is an opportunity for people to visit the “Living Library” where both people living with dementia and researchers act as the “books”. The visitors will be given “reading lists” that state the name and interest of several of our researchers/academics/associates. What will follow will be a bit like speed-dating where each visitor has five minutes to talk to the person on their list before moving onto the next one. One of the key features of this exercise is to not include information about which individuals have a diagnosis of dementia in order to background this information. Researcher, People Living with Dementia and visitors will have to negotiate this in their interactions.

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CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS at Media City Campus - Room MCUK3.10/3.11; times TBC

A series of workshops will be held which focus on creativity and dementia. These workshops, which will be led by academics from Salford as well as partners of the Salford Institute for Dementia, will explore the role of four distinct creative disciplines:

  • Performance (Eldar Clowning) - led by Richard Talbot
  • Photography – led by Lawrence Giles
  • Creative Writing – led by John Killick
  • Music – led by Holly Marland

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DEMENTIA NARRATIVES feat. Steve Day and Christopher Ecclestone at Media City Campus – Digital Performance Lab (DPL); 6-8.30pm

The evening event explores the experiences of two individuals, Steve Day and Christopher Eccleston, whose fathers lived with dementia. Steve Day has turned his experience into a comedy routine while Christopher Eccleston has talked frankly about his experiences. The event is designed to entertain and open up discussion.

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Tuesday 21 May

DEMENTIA HUB OPEN DAY at Dementia Hub, Allerton Courtyard; 10am-3pm

An opportunity to visit our purpose design Dementia Hub and explore the range of activities we offer. There will be plant sales, cake sales, interactive sessions and more.

Thursday 23 May


LANGUAGE AND DEMENTIA WORKSHOP at Frederick Road Campus; room and time TBC

Professor Alison Wray has been invited to take part in a workshop on ‘how language can be used to explore dementia’. The aim of the workshop is to engender discussion about how linguistic behaviours can be seen as data for the interpretation of what it means to live with dementia, rather than a means of access the data (e.g., evaluations of quality of life). The workshop will be open to academics from the University of Salford and the North West more generally with the hope that it will act as a foundation for future research collaborations.

DEMENTIA EXPERIENCE at Frederick Road Campus; room and time TBC

The Four Seasons Dementia Experience gives participants a sense of what living with dementia might be like. It is designed to increase understanding and empathy by simulating the sensory and cognitive impairments and associated frustrations and emotional effects.

Participants are asked to complete routine daily tasks like pairing socks, putting CDs in cases and putting on jewellery; with some of the limitations those living with dementia have to endure. Participants wear thick gloves on their hands, have obscured goggles, and have white noise played in their ears as a distraction.


EVENING LECTURE with Professor Alison Wray at Frederick Road Campus; room TBC; 6-8.30pm

Professor Alison Wray (University of Cardiff) will be giving a public lecture, aimed at both an academic and non-academic audience, that explores the relationship between language and dementia.

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