Zakia Zia

Date published: July 14, 2017

Student Zakia lands top research post

Our Pharmaceutical Science student Zakia Zia has landed a post as a laboratory scientist at Cheshire biotech firm Cyprotex after a placement with the children’s cancer charity Kidscan.

The 24 year-old from Rochdale says the placement truly introduced her to research and helped earn her a First Class Honours in Pharmaceutical Science, which she will collect at Graduation 2017 in July.

“I am a science enthusiast with great passion for research. But it was a big shock securing a position before I’ve even graduated. I an ecstatic but also humble and grateful,” said Zakia.

During her degree, Zakia worked in the Kidscan labs, where she was sponsored to work with professional scientists and learn her way around a laboratory.

Her experience in toxicology methods and practice will mean she can hit the ground running at Cyprotex which carries out pre-clinical testing of new drugs.

“My big break was when I was offered a placement by my supervisor Dr Patricia Ragazzon at Kidscan. She has been the biggest help and a true role model in helping me explore many areas of research such as chemistry, microbiology and cell culture, in order to find a suitable treatment in curing childhood cancers.

“My placement year has truly been positive experience, I loved every second of it. I am very grateful to Allah and Patricia for the endless support and opportunities I have been given.”

Dr Ragazzon, a lecturer in biochemistry, said: “Zakia is a gold star student, she actively participates in classes so it came naturally for her to shine in her placement.

“Kidscan routinely offers several placements to Salford students who dedicate themselves to find cures for cancer in children. In Zakia’s case, we worked on the synthesis of novel compounds and we tested them for biological activity, a classic example of medicinal chemistry. She used different toxicological techniques which helped her to secure this exciting role at a world-leading research organisation.”

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