Date published: March 20, 2017

Student to skydive to raise money for hospital that saved his life

An eighteen-year-old student who is in remission for testicular cancer is preparing to do a sponsored skydive for the hospital that saved his life.

Josh Woor, from Cambridge, will be skydiving from a height of 13,000 ft, alongside his dad Colin and close friend Kyle.

Josh, who studies Business Information Technology, was left shocked when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year.

He said: “It all happened in January last year, when I found a lump. At first, the doctor said because of my age and because I had a girlfriend, it was probably an STI, so I just put it to the back of my mind.

“One morning though, I woke up throwing up, and I just couldn’t stop. My mum took me straight to A & E and they carried out loads of tests. I didn’t get the results back until a week later, and I knew something was up when the nurse was crying before I was even told the test results”.

Josh had been diagnosed with testicular cancer, and he had surgery which removed the majority of the cancer. Thankfully, Josh beat his cancer and is now in remission. While he still needs to visit the Christie regularly for check-ups, he was able to achieve his dream of getting in to the University of Salford. 

He said: “When I was diagnosed it was during my A-levels, and I was determined to get better so I could get in to Uni. I tried to remain positive during what was a very difficult time for both me and my family, and I think that is what helped me get through.

“I remember going to Christie’s one day for my treatment, and I met an eight-year-old lad who had just had his leg amputated because he had cancer in his shin. I remember thinking to myself at that point that my situation could’ve been a lot worse.

“I’m nervous about skydiving especially as I’ve never done anything like it before.  The pilots have said that on the day I can increase the distance I jump if I want to, so I could potentially be jumping from 15,000 feet high. I think it’s really important to raise awareness of this type of cancer, especially amongst people my age.”

Josh’s skydive will coincide with Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, which occurs throughout April. Josh has so far raised £965 of his £1000 target. To sponsor him head to his Just Giving page.

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