Date published: March 19, 2018

Student filmmakers win 48 hour challenge at Manchester International Film Festival

Congratulations to Film Production students Josh Porter, Riagain Grainger, Seth Wilson, Nathanael Ianos and Broadcast Journalism student George Simister whose film Bet on It has just won the 48 hour film challenge at Manchester International Film Festival.

The team of five had just 48 hours to conceptualise, shoot and edit a short film. Riagain took the role of director, with the others worked as crew.

Bet on It is a story of two brothers who have been together through thick and thin. Ben is the more sensible, while Joel just wants to have a good time and party without a care in the world. Joel's reckless personality has consequence one day when he loses a bet, which puts the both of  them in a difficult situation as they have to get £5000 from somewhere, and fast. 

“It’s great to see this talented group of first year students winning the 48 hour challenge at Manchester International Film Festival. The film festival attracts film makers and industry insiders from all around the world so this is a great accolade for them,” said Val Brown, Programme  Leader for Film Production. “Plus I’ve just heard one of our second year students has just had their entry accepted at Nice Film Festival; further evidence of the great talent coming out of Salford.”

You can watch the short film below (you might even spot a few familiar spots on Peel Park campus):

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