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Date published: October 12, 2018

Santander Award Funding: Applications for Round One Now Open

Start-up Award Up to £1,000: The Start-up award could be the driving force behind you getting your business into gear. The award could help you start up your own business, positively by testing to see if your idea is viable on a small scale.

Submit an online application here by Friday 9th November 2018.

Travel Awards Up to £5,000: Santander Universities can also help you travel abroad as part of your studies. So, if you would like to conduct research, attend conferences this could be for you.

The Travel Award offers one student the chance to win £5000 towards their travel, while £1000 and £500 awards are also available.

To apply you must complete an online application detailing your project and how the funding can help you. Submit your entry here, by Friday 9th November 2018

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