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Date published: January 18, 2019

Salford students impress global Drum and Bass star

A GROUP of creative students have been praised by Drum and Bass star DJ Metrik after they produced music videos for two of his tracks.

It’s not every day that students can say they’ve been set an assignment by a chart-topping artist, but when internationally renowned producer DJ Metrik and his music label Hospital Records brought in the brief asking students to produce music videos for his tracks Fatso and Electric Echo- the talented Media Production class got stuck right in.

Ma Media Production Students Marc Nicholson, Johanna Turner, Anna Hurst and Daria Stan took on the brief and came up with their creative solutions for the tracks Electric Echo and Fatso.

Electric Echo was turned into a computer game inspired VR beat 'em up adventure with amazing VFX, whereas Fatso’s video is a conceptual urban dance performance on Manchester’s canals shot in reverse.

Speaking out on his social media, DJ Metrik praised the unofficial videos and shared them with his fans saying:

“Hospital and I set the students of Salford University a challenge to produce two promo videos for my tracks. Given these were made on a zero budget it’s clear to see the love and skills that went into them. I am so impressed with what they’ve come up with and I’ve had to share them!”

Marc  Nicholson directed the project and has since been working on other music videos and completed three short films, one of which was in Italy. He said:

“This project was amazing for us. We love dance music and so the opportunity to do two videos for Metrik and Hospital was unreal for a uni project and a proper stepping stone for us into industry.

“It was a total labour of love and, with no budget, we had to call in favours from all over: actors, a dancer, crew, and a range of artists. Without these people giving their time and expertise we wouldn’t have been able to pull this off and it was a massive creative collaboration. Big thanks to Metrik and Hospital.” 

MA Media Production module leading lecturer Lyndon Saunders said

"This exciting brief from Metrik pushed our students to aim for the stars. Having a global artist set them a challenge saw Marc, Johanna, Anna and Daria go way beyond what they've achieved before.  It's very much the point of why we get in real briefs like this, where students respond so creatively and professionally because the projects are 100% real."

The videos are available on YouTube and on Metrik’s blog.

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