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Date published: August 10, 2017

Salford Business School's Engagement Awards

Last year Salford Business School launched the SBS-Engagement Awards, which rewards students for their extracurricular activities within the university.

This academic year we plan to make more students aware of this award, and provide them with an opportunity to be recognised for their efforts.

Students will be able to put together all the activities they have taken part in and gain points for each activity, students will be able to secure Bronze (50 points), Silver (100 points) and Gold (150 points) awards.

Students can prove to perspective employers how much additional work they have put in at university, employers are always looking for additional work that students have put in to support their degree. Successful students will be presented with a framed certification from the Dean at the Salford Business  School  Ball  to affirm your engagement with the university.

We spoke to a past winner to give their take on the award.

an image of Harriet being presented her SBS Gold Engagement Award, along with her Student Representative of the year awardHere is SBS Gold Engagement Award winner Harriet Ruddick’s (pictured on the left) take on the award:

At this year’s Salford Business School Ball, I was awarded the SBS Gold Engagement Award. I took part in the SBS Engagement Awards as I was taking part in the activities that made me eligible. I knew it would be something that collated all of my engagement with the university this year, and it would look good on my CV.

The activities that I took part in that allowed me to win an award were being a School Rep for the Business School, being a committee member for the Business Society, being the Disabled Students Rep, volunteering at Business School Open Days, completing my Personal Development Plan with my Personal Tutor and volunteering with Young Enterprise at my Sixth Form College. 

The award for me has brought together all the things that I have taken part in this year and has helped me in terms of raising my confidence and has inspired me to get involved even more in my second and third year. 

The award process is really rewarding. You fill out a form with the amount of hours that you have completed in each category. When I was filling mine out I felt really proud of how many hours I had collated over the year. I would completely recommend getting involved in the SBS Engagement Awards because you don't only get an award, but you also become really involved within the school and the University which in itself is really awarding and it makes the University experience so much more enriching!

This is a fantastic opportunity for students, and a simple way to gain recognition for additional work you already put in!

We hope to see many students taking part, and many awards being given out at the end of the year!

For further information on the award, and how to apply. Please visit Blackboard > SBS Employability Hub (17-18) > SBS-Engagement Award:

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