Date published: January 30, 2019

PgCE Opportunities at the University of Cumbria

Unlock your career opportunities, open the next generation's eyes to the value around them, and get into teaching.

The University of Cumbria is coming to the University of Salford to talk with you about their Post Graduate Certificate in Education opportunities.

The University of Cumbria has teamed up with the University of Salford to allow you to benefit from their Teaching scholarship fund, this means you will be entitled to up to £2,000 support towards studying with them.

Your placements are vitally important, the University of Cumbria have links with over 1,500 different schools across England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Giving you options to work close to your home * (Placements are planned with the placement unit, every effort is done to help you get your first placement option but this may not always be possible).

Come to University House on 12th February, 12 -2pm to speak to academics about starting your career in teaching.

Tutors are supportive and compassionate enabling you to unpick the traditional image of teaching and become innovators for the next generation.

Don't Just Feel Local Pride – Teach it! Every Lesson shapes a life.

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