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Date published: February 25, 2019

Online Counselling Service

Online support works very much the same as 42nd Street’s face to face support (only there might be a little bit more reading…!)

It involves you sending messages to a worker throughout the week, and receiving a message back each week at a time you both agree on. You can check your messages whenever works for you, and reply whenever is best for you.

If there’s ways of working that you think might help you, we really encourage you to let us know about them too. Sometimes people use YouTube clips, songs, photos, art and more to explain how they’re thinking and feeling – you can use all of these during your support if it helps.

How can support help me?

There might be a number of ways people benefit from counselling and therapy time to talk about something difficult or that you’ve never shared before an opportunity to explore aspects about yourself, your relationships and your life that you want to make sense of time to offload stress and look at practical ways of coping better time just to recognise that someone can be there for you a safe place to work things out

Counselling & therapy isn’t about the counsellor or therapist giving you all the answers or lots of advice but it’s a place where you can be supported to find your own solutions to the issues in your life. This can help to build your confidence and self-esteem

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