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Date published: March 29, 2019

New Service Portal for all your IT needs

Today, we launch a new ‘Service Portal’ for all your IT needs.   

You can now report a problem (log a fault), make a request or submit an enquiry. Once you’ve raised your request, you can easily track its progress on the ‘Service Portal’.

It can be accessed from a shortcut on any university computer desktop (named Service Portal) or via the web link .

You can access the ‘Service Portal’ from anywhere, using your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, simply through the weblink and logging on using your University of Salford email address and password (the same password you use to log into any University computer).

Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the changes and the frequently asked questions

The previous Digital IT system ‘LANDesk’ has been retired and you can no longer report any new faults or raise requests on this system. Any existing enquiries already raised through LANDesk will be progressed to completion by Digital IT.  

Please note: you may continue to report problems and make requests to the Digital IT Service via phone ext.52444 or via email


Frequently asked questions

  1. Will the new ‘Service Portal’ require me to log in?

    Yes, to access the ‘Service Portal’ you will be asked to sign in with your credentials – University of Salford email and password. This the same email and password you use to log into a university computer or network.

  2. Can I access the portal through my mobile?

    Yes, the ‘Service Portal’ is a web-based tool and can be accessed through your mobile or tablet device. The web address is

  3. I don’t want to use to the ‘Service Portal, can I still call the Digital IT Service Desk to log a fault?

    Yes, the Digital IT Service Desk is available on 0161 295 2444 or internal extension: 52444.

    We do encourage you use the ‘Service Portal’. It is an easy tool to use and you can track your request on the portal.

    If you log a problem or request through the Digital IT Service Desk, this will be added to the Service Portal

  4. Will I be able to email my request to Digital IT Service Desk?

    Yes, you can email the Digital IT Service Desk ( with your request. This will then be logged into the Service Portal.

  5. I have an open request/fault that I logged with Digital IT through the LANDesk system, what has happened to that?

    These open enquiries will be managed to completion by Digital IT, you do not need to take any action.

  6. Will I still receive an email when there is an update to my case?

    All enquiries can be tracked at any time via the Service Portal. You will receive an email to acknowledge the enquiry, if further information is required or when the enquiry has been completed.

  7. Do I require training to use the ‘Service Portal’?

    No, the Service Portal is a web-based tool and is easy to use.

    If you require guidance, you can contact the Digital IT Service Desk

  8. How do I access the Service Portal?

    You can access the Service Portal from the icon on any university computer desktop or

    You can logon to the portal using your University of Salford email address and password.

  9. What is knowledge base?

Knowledge base is a library section within the Service Portal where you can find useful hints and tips, and ‘How do I…’ answers to your questions.

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