Date published: January 29, 2019

National Student Money Week 2019

From the 4th to the 8th February 2019, we will be running our annual National Student Money Week Campaign (NSMW19). We are delighted to announce that this year’s theme is ‘Breaking Bad Money Habits’.  The campaign aims to engage with students more than ever before with a view to thinking about bad money habits and how small changes can make a big impact on daily life.

The Money Advice & Funds Service will be on hand over in Clifford Whitworth Library daily from 10am – 3pm handing out free goodies and helping students break bad money habits.

Each day we’ll cover something new, so come along if you’re looking to become a financial guru of:

  • Monday: Shopping
  • Tuesday: Entertainment
  • Wednesday: Student Life
  • Thursday: Transport
  • Friday: Holidays

However, it’s not just the above themes that we will be on hand to talk about!

Come and have a chat with the team about any of your finance related questions, why not share with us your best financial tip you have picked up while studying or even a spending moment regret (we’ve all had them!) and while your there ask about our upcoming Budgeting workshop hosted by Barclays Bank where you can learn more about how to manage your money, the consequences of when things don’t go to plan and how to keep you and your money safe online.

Visit us to collect your free handy Periodic Table of Savings guide with access to over 50 money saving tips and ideas, share your own do’s and don’ts with us to pick up your very own NSMW19 Piggy bank or simply head on over to ask us any questions you might have.

Find us in the open space in Clifford Whitworth Library – we look forward to seeing you there!

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