Mike Flewitt

Date published: June 20, 2018

McLaren CEO and alumnus Mike Flewitt returns for inspiring public lecture

Salford alumnus Mike Flewitt recently returned to his roots for a special lecture entitled ‘Driving Change: Challenges and Opportunities in the Automotive Industry’ here on campus.

Mike joined McLaren Automotive as Chief Operating Officer in June 2012 and swiftly switched gears to become Chief Executive Officer in July 2013. He graduated at Salford in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering, and Management and Project Management in 1996.

The public lecture was hosted by Mike Brown, Director of Industry Collaboration and Partnerships, who opened the event by giving a warm welcome to “the man behind the wheel at McLaren”.

Mike spoke in depth about his passion for cars and motorsport along with how he has helped McLaren grow into 31 global markets, with 86 retailers worldwide. “When I joined the company in 2012, we were the young disruptor in the market – we will always be about sports cars and supercars,”  said  Mike about McLaren’s place in the competitive luxury car industry.

He went on to share his personal professional journey from Salford to McLaren, as well as discussing the ups and downs of the sector, including the economic, social and political changes over the years. “We’re in the fourth industrial revolution and it’s having a huge impact on our  cars  which are becoming truly connected devices,” he explained to attendees. 

The event closed with a Q&A session from the audience, which included Salford students and colleagues, as well as members of the public, Mike Brown presented Mike Flewitt with a special gift as a thank you for such an inspiring address.

Mike Flewitt, CEO McLaren Automotive lecture “Driving change: Challenges and Opportunities in the Automotive Industry” - University of Salford

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