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Date published: October 09, 2015

Make your voice heard

This week you’ll have the first of many chances to make your voice heard about life at Salford.

Starting this week, our student feedback campaign is being rolled out so you can express what you like about the University, what you don’t like and anything else we can help you with - we're listening! We’re doing this, so we can do our utmost to resolve any issues you may have.

To gather your feedback, we will be sending out current students to gather the thoughts of their fellow peers – you! On Thursday 15th October, between 10.00am and 1.00pm, you can expect to see our student hosts out and about on campus with iPads - please say ‘hi’ to them, complete their quick and easy survey, and make your voice heard. 

We will try to ensure the thoughts of the whole student population are heard. We will do this by conducting the surveys at all campus buildings and other key locations, such as catering outlets, which are important to you – so don’t worry you won’t be left out.

If you can’t complete the survey this week, our student hosts will also be out and about on the week commencing Monday 9 November and the week commencing Monday 7 December.

We will also be updating you on the feedback you’ve given us, and what improvements we’re making.

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