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Date published: March 27, 2017

Learn a foreign language and improve your career prospects

Studying at Salford opens doors to a global network, but how can you get the edge and stand out from the crowd in an international market?  

Companies operate over many international boundaries so the more foreign language skills you can offer them – the more employable you will be, even if it’s just basic conversational skills.  

Salford Languages runs the University-wide language programme (UWLP) offering learning opportunities in seven of the top ten most important languages for the UK’s future – French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.  

Some programmes offer credit-bearing language modules, but all students can learn a language alongside their programme and the cost is just £150.   Courses are taught over the first two trimesters and most offer a choice of daytime and evening sessions to fit around your other commitments.

Our language courses are a great way to invest in your personal and professional development and open the door to new international experiences. Learning a foreign language can also be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience.

To find out more about our language modules, visit:

Classes start week commencing 25th September 2017, so please don’t delay booking as places are limited.  

Book through or contact for more information.

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