Date published: October 02, 2018

Improve your degree prospects Wordscope

If you want to improve your degree prospects or are planning to move up to the next academic level, then you should consider the confidence boost that you would gain if you attend Wordscope.

Wordscope provides constructive and dedicated Academic Writing support, which may be exactly what you need in order to keep you focused and can seen as an opportunity for sharpening up your writing skills in preparation for the academic challenges ahead.

Wordscope is a practical Academic Writing programme with a proven record of success in developing skills and delivering strategies that will not only enhance the way that you write but also the way that you organise and structure your thoughts, ideas, and research. Evidence from the Wordscope programme indicates that if you commit to the workshops and produce all work involved, then you can enhance your grade by a degree class or even more. It is not rocket science: becoming a conscious, coherent, and skilled writer will increase your chances of reaching your academic potential.

All groups are fully booked for Trimester One, so to register your interest for Trimester Two, email the Wordscope team to request a place on the "To Contact" list, which will give you the opportunity to reserve a place before the new timetable goes live in late January.


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