Date published: January 03, 2019

Improve Your Degree Prospects with Wordscope

Improve your degree prospects or reach new heights by attending Wordscope workshops.

Wordscope provides constructive and dedicated academic writing support, which might be just the thing you need to stay focused and sharpen your writing skills.

This practical academic writing programme has a proven record of success in developing skills and delivering strategies that will enhance the way you write, but also the way you organise and structure your thoughts, ideas and research.

Evidence from the Wordscope programme shows that if you commit to the workshops and produce all the work involved, you can enhance your degree classification.

It’s not rocket science: becoming a conscious, coherent and skilled writer will increase your chances of reaching your academic potential.

What are you waiting for? Places are limited, so register now before it’s too late!

For more information about signing up, follow this link - http://www.salford.ac.uk/wordscope/home/workshop-timetable-and-how-to-attend

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