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Date published: October 02, 2015

How to not get worked up by your studies

Feeling stressed can feel perfectly normal around certain times, like exams for example, however sometimes it can feel incredibly overwhelming. 

We've all been there and that's why our wellbeing team want to provide their top tips on how to not get stressed.

If after reading these tips, you feel you still need further support then you can book an appointment with our team here.

Tips from our Wellbeing team

1. Change something. If you are stressed about an assignment, simply do something different. Whether that's taking a different route to the library or making a space in the day to relax or enjoy yourself, one slight change really will boost your mood.

2. Organise yourself. Make sure all your work is organised so the documents you need are always at hand, even if that organisation only makes sense to yourself and none of your coursemates. It's also a good idea to organise your room and have seperate spaces for study and enjoyment.

3. Take the 'little and often approach.' Trying to do long study sessions and cram it all in can often just make you stressed and leave you staring blankly at your computer. If you follow our 'little and often' approach and just chip away at your work with 2-3 hours studying each day, you mind find that you make more progress than when you were spending hours and hours on it. This will also mean you get more time to yourself - Bonus!

4. See your tutor. If you're a new student and have just met your lecturers, or a returning student with a new set of lecturers, you may not yet feel comfortable enough to go and see them on your own. However, the benefits of taking advantage of their office hours cannot be underestimated. Find out when they are and go and see them - they will be sure to point you in the right direction.

5. Enjoy a healthy diet. The words enjoy and healthy may not seem synonymous, but trust us healthy food really can reduce any worries you have about your academic work. So, load up on the leafy veg and try and avoid having too much caffeine, alcohol or sugary drinks. Drinking lots of water is a great way to keep your focus.

6. Don't beat yourself up. Our final tip is definitely the most important and it's a simple reminded that you're only human. Perfectionism is something none of us can achieve, so don't beat yourself up, just do your best and enjoy your time at University.

World Mental Health Day

Our Wellbeing and Counselling team offer much more than fantastic tips - they also hold lots of events, workshops and much more.

One of these events take place this Friday, when the team will be marking World Mental Health Day. To join them, all you have to do is come to University House where you'll find there stall offering lots of freebies and fantastic prizes. So, you can celebrate a day well worth celebrating and take away some freebies. What's not to like?

Wellbeing Workshops

As we mentioned, the wellbeing team also offer lots of workshops to help you to shake off any worries regarding your academic work.Their workshops include sessions on anxiety, stress, develop assertiveness, procrastination and perfectionism.

These workshops start on October 12, so get them in your calendar. All dates, times and places below:

Monday 12 October, 10.00am - Anxiety workshop, Faith room, University House

Tuesday 13 October, 2.00pm - Anxiety workshop, Faith room, University House

Monday 19 October, 2.00pm - Perfectionism workshop, Colne and Leven rooms, University House

Tuesday 20 October, 10.00am - Procrastination workshop, Faith room, University House 

Tuesday 20 October, 2.00pm – Perfectionism workshop, Faith room, University House

Thursday 22 October, 2.00pm - Procrastination workshop, Faith room, University House 

Tuesday 27 October, 10.00am - Stress workshop, Faith room, University House

Friday 30 October, 2.00pm - Stress workshop, Colne and Kent rooms, University House

Monday 2 November, 2.00pm - Developing Assertiveness workshop, Colne and Kent rooms, University House

Tuesday 3 November, 2.00pm - Developing Assertiveness workshop, Colne and Kent rooms, University House.

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