Date published: March 01, 2018

Have Your Say: Tackling Hateful Extremism and promoting Social Cohesion

The Greater Manchester Mayor’s Office is inviting staff and students to share your views and experiences. A workshop for students and staff to come together with ideas and discussions will take place on Friday 9th March 12:30 – 2:30 at the Council Chamber, The Old Fire Station.

Your responses will be fed back directly to the Mayor’s Commission.  Please join us to discuss ways to tackle hate and radicalisation in the community. What can we do to promote social cohesion? Your discussions will help us to get a better understanding of what we need to do to improve the community. Bring your friends and colleagues along, for a better discussion and hear other’s opinions. The Greater Manchester Mayor’s Commission areas of focus are:

  • To look at the broader determinants of social exclusion and how we can work collectively to address them
  • To develop a distinctive community-led GM approach to challenging hateful radicalisation of all kinds and from wherever it comes
  • To consider how Prevent operates in Greater Manchester
  • To establish a Greater Manchester Charter – establishing shared values and commitments that will be the foundations upon which the Greater Manchester Strategy work is built (not just principles which are called into action when something goes wrong)

If you have opinions or thoughts to be shared or want to hear what others have to say, then come along for a discussion on 9th March. Light refreshments will be provided!

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