Date published: May 05, 2017

Extra-curricular work celebrated at Student Success Awards 2017

Thirty five students were celebrated for their extra-curricular work at Wednesday's (May 03) Student Success Awards at MediaCityUK.

Students received a bronze award for completing 30 hours of employability activity, a silver award for completing more than 40 hours of employability activity and a video interview and a gold award for all of this plus a presentation to a panel of professionals.

Twenty eight of the thirty five students who picked up awards managed to achieve the gold standard.

Ana-Leon Rodriguez, an Erasmus student from Spain studying Biology, was one of these.

She said: “The main thing that I did to achieve the gold award was volunteering at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. I’ve spent so many hours there and I’m really happy to have done that. The Student Success Award helped me discover that fantastic opportunity.

“All these activities that I completed have widened my mind. Employers don’t want people who have stayed in their comfort zone, they want people that want to learn new things, learn new activities. To be honest the museum activity is not related to my course but I think when employers see people that want to learn new things, they will be happy with that and give an opportunity to those people.”

Nicole Holt, Associate Director of Student Experience and Support, and Neil Fowler, the Dean of Students, presented a number of awards at the ceremony.

Nicole said: “We are so proud of you. What you have achieved is worth so much more than the recognition you will receive tonight.

“You demonstrate to all of us how much can be achieved through hard work and ambition and I know you’ll reap the benefits of your hard work as you make your way in your career.”

Neil added: “There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than having the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our students.”


There were also a number of other awards with Filippo Stoppini winning the Santander Internship Award, Emily Davidson winning the Work Placement Student of the Year Award, Than Que Ahn Ho winning the Student Host of the Year Award and Rachel Chaddock and Lucia Spisiakova taking home the Enterprise Student of the Year Award.

There were also awards for students from the University Technical College at MediaCityUK, with Joe Harvey winning the outstanding student of the year, James Moores winning student of the year for Year 10 and Deanna Harrop winning student of the year for Year 12.

The evening was organised by Student Success Awards Coordinator Emma Pearson. Emma was responsible for guiding students through the whole process and was the host on the night.


She said: “The Student Success Award ceremony has been a wonderful celebration of our student’s wide ranging extracurricular achievements!  I am so proud to have hosted this evening and to congratulate those students who have worked hard and excelled in areas such as work experience, volunteering, mentoring, enterprise and social impact projects.  

“These activities have allowed our students to demonstrate their potential and high level of employability skills to future employers and to give something back to communities worldwide.  Well done to all our award winners!”

Huge congratulations go to all winners and nominees, and a huge thanks goes to those responsible for organising the event.


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