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Date published: January 18, 2019

EU Settlement Scheme (Optional for EU Students)

EU citizens (not including Irish citizens) who are resident in the UK, have been invited by the UK Government to apply for ‘Settled Status’ or ‘Pre-Settled Status’ (depending on how long you have been resident).

This is a pilot phase of the application scheme – two previous pilot rounds have taken place but this one is open to everyone who meets the eligibility requirements, including students and their family members.  

The scheme is presently open to those who have a biometric passport or residence card and requires applicants to download an app onto an Android phone using OS 6.0 and above (you can use someone else’s phone to do this – the app does not save any information about your application, or place any on the phone).

The application process will open on Monday 21st January 2019.  More information is available here, and additional guidance is available here.

There is a cost of £65 to apply but that the government has advised that this will be refunded to applicants at a later date.

Students are not required to apply for settled status at this time. It is purely optional.

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