Eid Mubarak

Date published: August 15, 2018

Eid Mubarak to our Muslim students

Muslims around the world will be celebrating  Eid al Adha ( Day of Festivity) on Monday 12 September to mark the completion of Hajj (pilgrimage) to Makka, Saudi Arabia.

he day also commemorates Prophet Abraham's total obedience to God when he made a great sacrifice in the valley of Mina next to Makka, after being commanded to do so by God.

This is a story that occurs similarly in both the Quran and The Bible.

The festival is known as Eid al Adha which means 'the festival of sacrifice' and Muslims today will distribute food  to those in need, and to friends and family.

On behalf of all at the University of Salford we would like to wish all of our students and friends Eid Mubarak (Blessed Eid Festival).

A special prayer to start the celebration will take place at the Newton Annexe (Muslim Prayer facility) at 8am and an event to celebrate this occasion will be arranged on campus for all and announced soon as "Salford Eid Festival". For further information contact the University Chaplain, Imam Rashid on 07713960788 or R.Musa@salford.co.uk.

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