Easter Switch Off

Date published: April 01, 2019

Easter Switch off

Reduce, moderation, cutback; these are not terms anybody wants to hear over the Easter period. So, whilst we indulge this Easter Sunday, we want to make sure that the University consumes as little energy as possible.

Despite the majority of staff and students being away from the University on Easter Sunday last year, an estimated £3000 was spent on electrical energy and around 8 tonnes of carbon were consumed. During the run up to Easter and before the holidays begin, we want to encourage all members of the University to perform small actions to reduce energy consumption and in turn together we can have a significant cumulative impact!

Before you leave for the Easter Break, make sure that:

*             All computers, monitors and lights are switched off;

*             In communal kitchens, toasters, kettles and microwaves are switched off at the wall;

*             Where possible, switch off research equipment and consolidate experiments into the minimal number of ovens, fume cupboards, fridges etc;*

*             Draw blinds before you leave;

*             Turning radiators down to frost setting.

*Make that you ask before interfering with research/experiment equipment

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