CallMy Alert

Date published: September 14, 2018

Download new Callmy Alert app

Our security service uses Callmy Alert app to help communicate emergency information and updates to help keep you safe.

If we need to contact you in an emergency, we will send you a text, voice or picture message to your phone.

Most messages need no action while some may ask you to respond or to confirm that you have received our message.

By downloading the app you’ll automatically receive a notification in the event of an emergency on campus, straight to your device.

The security team will use Callmy to send important messages if there is an emergency situation such as:

Closure of campus because of severe weather conditions

  • A road traffic accident
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Any other emergency situation

The app will not ask you for any personal details other than your phone number. It does not store any user information so you remain anonymous.

Download the app here.

When prompted please join the user group Salford.

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