Don't be a victim of fraud

Date published: November 21, 2018

Don’t be a victim of fraud!

Beware of fake emails requesting payment of Tuition Fees and Tax refunds.

Fake Tuition Fees emails - Whilst we do email students reminding them to pay their fees you can always confirm an emails validity by calling the Income Team on 0161 295 0023 (option 2 option 3). In addition you can also verify our bank details and payment links at the following web page found under self-funding students.

Fake Tax refund emailsHMRC will never inform you about a tax refund by email, text or voicemail. If you do receive notification of a tax refund by one of these methods, it’s a scam. Do not click any of the links in the message and forward to

Get Safe online – Student Loans Company online crime campaign

Employment Scams - Fraudulent scams sometimes include people offering fake work to students and asking students to disclose financial details so that they can be added to a fake payroll system or paying a fee to start fake work. Do not give your bank account or credit card details or pay a fee or transfer money to anyone who says they need these to consider you for job applications or to employ and pay you.

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