Date published: March 19, 2019

Contribute to our ambitious Campus Masterplan

We’re delighted to share our ambitious Campus Masterplan, in collaboration with Salford City Council and 5plus architects. You can explore our aspirational vision for the next two decades, which will tap into the area’s unique potential to deliver a place to learn, live, work and visit here.

Our campus will link with local industry, as well as cultural and residential schemes to create a city district that enhances surrounding communities and helps to drive the economy both locally and regionally. The Masterplan provides an ambitious framework for the University’s continued growth and includes a radical overhaul of the University estate and consolidation onto the Peel Park and Frederick Road campuses, responding to the strategic needs identified within our University Campus Framework. 

The green space and environment which you will travel through to get here is an important focus of the Masterplan and to support and influence our travel plans we would love to hear your feedback, please take 5 minutes to complete our Student Travel Survey.

The travel plan will seek to develop and promote measures that encourage increased use of sustainable modes, such as walking, cycling and public transport, while reducing single-occupancy car trips and encouraging car-pooling.

Survey results will feed into our ambitious Campus Masterplan and offer the chance to win one of three £100 shopping vouchers.

Our Green Campus

We plan to fully utilise the green spaces in and around the campus, particularly Peel Park, David Lewis Playing Fields and The Meadows. The Masterplan will look for opportunities for new green spaces in our urban environment to help promote learning, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. Green initiatives like planting an extra 1000 trees along the A6 and around campus and introducing a network of 'rain gardens' to capture and redistribute surface run-off will also be put into place.  

Our goal is to achieve an Ecocampus Platinum award; this would recognise us a higher education establishment which focuses on addressing key issues of environmental sustainability.    

Also central to the plans is an energy strategy that takes a major step towards a zero carbon future, while providing high quality spaces for residential, teaching, research and commercial uses that are cost-effective to run. University of Salford buildings will undergo refurbishment to make them highly energy efficient, with maximum potential for renewable energy generation.

Transport and infrastructure

The Masterplan is keen to make positive changes to the transport connections and infrastructure here at Salford. The traffic calming work to the A6 will continue, with further improvements to bus and rail services. The ambition is to consolidate and rationalise car-parking across campus and to reduce internal car circulation to promote a healthier, more pedestrian-friendly campus. The vision also promotes greater levels of cycling in and around the site.

Improved pedestrian connections will be key to improving permeability across the campus – think tree-lined boulevards, public squares and a generally more well-defined network of routes and open spaces. Car parking will also be greatly improved, with our current spaces consolidated to make room for two new multi-storey car parks at Irwell Place and Fredrick Road.

The potential for a new ‘Crescent Station Hub’, bridging the Peel Park Campus and the Frederick Road Biomedical Health Village will also be established providing an opportunity to link rail, bus and cycle facilities and in turn greatly improving the east-west connection for the University. A newly created public space, on the site of the existing Newton Building, will also create a new heart for the campus. It will provide easy access to the New Adelphi, Lady Hale, Cockcroft, School of Built Environment and Salford Business School. A food and beverage offer as well as other commercial space will further add to the vibrancy of this new space.

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