combat exam stress

Date published: October 01, 2015

Combat exam stress with our Wellbeing Workshops

With exams imminent, many of you will feel stressed or overwhelmed and we want to ensure you are equipped to combat everything that comes your way.

Our Wellbeing team have put together a series of workshops to get you through this tough period. It might feel like you are so snowed under that you have little time for yourself but it's imperative you take time out, and attending one of these could be the perfect thing.

The four workshops take place over seven days from Tuesday 10 May and tackle everything from perfectionism to anxiety.

Take a look at the descriptions of the workshops below and the dates and times of each one at the bottom of this article: 

Anxiety Workshop

The Anxiety Workshop sessions will help you to gain a better understanding of how anxiety manifests and looks at ways in which you can implement positive change and seek further support if your worries become excessive.

Developing Assertiveness Workshop 

The workshop will support you to recognise different types of communication styles and I will show them techniques on how to think and behave more assertively.

Stress Workshop

The stress workshop will helps you to understand what stress is, why it is so different from person to person and how it manifests in us all.  It goes on to look at a multitude of ways in which you can become more stress-resilient and put these techniques into place to improve your wellbeing.

Perfectionism Workshop

Finally, the Perfectionism workshop will help students recognise what this is and how it can affect them. I will show how they can manage their perfectionism and how to set goals to change.  This course will give them the tools to provide a more healthy and balanced way of life. 


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