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Date published: February 05, 2019

Clean and Healthy Air – Are we getting there?

March 21st 2019

Old Fire Station, University of Salford

12:15 - 2pm

How we get around has implications for how clean the air we breathe is. Road transport is the major contributor to air pollution in Greater Manchester. This means how we get around in our daily lives, what vehicles we use, how often we use them and for what purpose, has implications for our health. Research has found connections between air pollution and early deaths, respiratory conditions, dementia, and child development. 

This seminar will look at the implications of air pollution and what the transport sectors needs to do to clean up its act. We’ll look in particular at discussing plans for Greater Manchester in the context of national legislation, and will listen to speakers from a range of backgrounds, including academics, local authorities and community organisations.  

Whether you are studying environmental management, architecture, nursing, or even law, air quality has an impact on us all. Join us for a discussion on the future of Manchester, and what we can do to contribute to improving air quality for everyone!  

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