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Date published: March 19, 2018

Choose your modules for next year by 27th April

From today, Monday 26 March, students on certain programmes will be able to make optional module choices for academic year 2018/2019 using the Online Module Enrolment facility.

This facility is available to the majority of returning students on full time undergraduate programmes where optional module choices are offered. Unless you have been contacted already by your School Office with alternative arrangements, you will have from today at 10am until Friday 27 April to make your choices via the Online Module Enrolment tool.

Please note that if you have not selected your optional modules by 4.30pm on Friday 27 April, and you have not been contacted by your School with alternative arrangements, you may be allocated to default modules.

Using Online Module Enrolment

Follow this link to log on to Online Module Enrolment using your standard network username and password. Alternatively, go to the Student Channel at, scroll down to the “My Information” section and click “Online Module Enrolment”.

Note: If you log on using a browser other than Internet Explorer (e.g. Firefox, or Safari on an Apple Mac), you may see a warning that the website’s certificate cannot be verified. Simply click the ‘continue’ or ‘add exception’ button to proceed.

Once logged on, you will be guided through the system where you will be asked to request your preferred optional module choices in accordance with the rules of your programme. For more help using Online Module Enrolment, follow this link for the OME User Guide.

Online Module Enrolment will be accessible remotely, so you will be able to submit module choices whilst away from campus.

For those of you not covered by the Online Module Enrolment system, your School Office or your Tutor will contact you to submit your choices. If you are in this category, you will NOT need to use Online Module Enrolment.

Please be careful when choosing your optional modules. If necessary, speak to your tutor about your options. Once your choices have been submitted online, they cannot be revised.

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Student Administration

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