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Date published: June 13, 2018

Boost your degree class with Wordscope

If you know that you must undertake resubmission and resit work this Summer and are beginning to experience anxiety about passing to the next level, then you should consider the confidence boost that you would gain if you attended Wordscope. Wordscope provides a constructive and dedicated Academic Writing programme which may be exactly what you need in order to keep you focused. Equally, if you simply want to improve your degree prospects or are planning to move up to the MA level with us, you may see Wordscope as an opportunity for sharpening up your writing skills in preparation for a harder marking regime at the next level.

This Summer course provides an intense, shortened version of the original Wordscope programme and is delivered in a series of six workshops. The skills and strategies covered will not only enhance the way that you write but will also offer strategies to help you organise and structure your thoughts, ideas, and research. 

Evidence from the Wordscope programme indicates that if you attend six workshops, you should improve your grades by at least six marks. It is not rocket science: becoming a conscious, coherent, and skilled writer will increase your chances of a higher degree class and will help provide those precious marks that you may need to pass your resits.

So, what are you waiting for? The schedule of Summer Wordscope workshops is detailed below. Once you decide which group suits, please book your place by visiting the following link:


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