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Date published: February 25, 2016

Become a digital champion and help your fellow students

Do you use technology to help you learn and study better? Could you communicate this to others? If so, you might have what it takes to become a Digital Champion for the University.

The Library is looking for students who use apps/technology to help them with their studies and who would like to share their skills with others.

We particularly want to hear from you if you have improved the way you study by using a piece of digital technology; or if you use technology/apps in an interesting way to boost your learning.

As a Digital Champion you might:

  • make a short video about your ‘aha’ moments with technology
  • teach an app/ technology you know a lot about to your peers
  • explain to others how the tech you use relates to your programme/learning needs
  • help other students make better use of their phones/tablets/other devices
  • survey your peers to find out which apps they’re using to help with their studies

Students from all subject areas are encouraged to apply - you don’t have to be studying science, maths or engineering – as long as you are an enthusiastic and proficient user of technologies to help with your learning.

We will give you the opportunity and support to make your idea a reality. This is a great opportunity to develop your skills and help other students with the practical support of staff from the University’s Skills for Learning team.

In your email, outline a short project that you would like to undertake if you were a Student Digital Champion. Be specific about what skill/special knowledge you have and how you propose sharing it. Be realistic about the timescale: how much time do you actually have and what could you achieve in that time?

Make sure your email includes your name and course (and say if you are postgraduate or undergraduate).


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