Date published: July 24, 2018

Be at your best for exams

Exams start from Monday 08 May and we want you to be at your best and flourish during this tough period. If you haven’t yet received your exam timetable, please check your emails from Friday 10 March and your junk/spam folders in the first instance and then contact your school office. You should also see your school office about  practical,  oral exams and any individual/separate room arrangements.

To help you succeed, we have gathered tips from our current students as well as some advice from our Wellbeing team, who you can find out more about here.

Exam Tips from the Wellbeing Team

- Exercise regularly: Exercise is a great stress reliever, and it increases the blood flow around the body, including to the brain. Check out the University's Sports Centre, they have Zumba, Yoga, and loads of other classes that you can get involved with.

- Get plenty of sleep: Is hitting the revision hard and staying up 'till 2 in the morning the best idea?  When you’re tired you won’t absorb information in the same way, it’s best to stop two hours before you go to bed, so use that time to switch off and relax without looking at a phone, tablet or computer screen.

- Take regular breaks: Do your revision sessions in chunks. Make sure you put breaks and evenings off into your revision plan. You need some time to yourself.

- Stay hydrated and eat well: Drinking water is important; it keeps your brain on top form. When we say water we mean water, not coffee, or energy drinks. Caffeine stimulates you, but it does not hydrate you.

What to leave at home

The exam rules are clear: you cannot have electronic devices, phones or smart watches at or around your desk. If they are brought into an exam venue, you will be asked to leave them at the front or back of the room inside your bag, and this rule will be strictly applied. For peace of mind, our advice is that you leave them at home.

Advice from current students

The following series of videos features exam tips from your peers at Salford. If it’s your first time taking exams at University, these could be really useful to you. Also, if this is your second, third or even fourth exam period at Salford, you could still find these tips add to what you've already learnt about tackling exam period. Watch and enjoy:

Exam Tip 1 from UoS_Students on Vimeo.

Exam Tip 2 from UoS_Students on Vimeo.

Exam Tip 3 from UoS_Students on Vimeo.


Good Luck With Exams from UoS_Students on Vimeo.

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