Trans Day of Visibility

Date published: March 28, 2019

Alumni hosts exhibition at Salford for Trans Day of Visibility

Salford alumni Allie Crewe will be hosting her award-winning exhibition ‘You Brought Your Own Light’ at the University of Salford from Friday 29th March at Clifford Whitworth Library and Media City UK. The series is the first to use only trans models and will be shown at the University to mark Trans Day of Visibility on Sunday 31st March. The exhibition is sponsored by Sparkle (the national transgender charity), who have praised Allie’s work as being “vital” for the trans community. Jay Crawford, Chair of Trustees at Sparkle, states that ‘You Brought Your Own Light’ shows us that “the trans narrative is neither straightforward nor defined by social attitudes, and is an invaluable statement on individual autonomy and the freedom of expression”.

Praised by Magnum Photography, The Redeye Photography Network, and the British Journal of Photography, ‘You Brought Your Own Light’ was nominated in the Best Art Exhibition or Event category in this year’s Manchester Evening News City Life Awards.

Allie’s work has previously been displayed at the Getty Gallery and shortlisted for the Portrait of Britain. Helen Clegg, Chairperson and Trans and Non-Binary Officer for the University of Salford’s LGBT+ staff network Salford Proud, had this to say: “We are so honoured that Allie has chosen the university as a venue to host her exhibition. ‘You Brought Your Own Light’ provides an authentic representation of the diversity of trans and non-binary women, showing us that there’s no one way to be a woman or to express femininity.”

“These portraits are bold, unapologetic, and breath-taking, and I personally am excited to see an honest and non-judgemental portrayal of trans and non-binary women living in Greater Manchester. Being visible as a trans person and having to navigate other people’s perceptions of you can sometime feel totally overwhelming but knowing that there are people like you out there who are battling adversity too and are coming out the other side brings hope to our community - what an exciting way to mark Trans Day of Visibility this weekend!”

The exhibition will be hosted at Manchester’s Central Library for nine weeks from July 26th, and is an honest and inspiring display of authentic trans representation in one of the city’s most beloved and visible public spaces. As a University, it is an amazing opportunity to not only showcase our alumni’s successes, but also to provide a platform for trans and non-binary women local to Greater Manchester and celebrate their inspiring authenticity.

Trans Day of Visibility is dedicated to celebrating trans people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans people across the world. It was born out of frustrations from a lack of LGBT holidays celebrating trans people’s successes, and has been celebrated since 2009 on March 31st.

You can view more of Allie’s work via her website:

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