Date published: April 23, 2019

35 years in partnership with the University of Toledo

The University of Salford and the University of Toledo celebrated 35 years of partnership in late March 2019 with an event here on campus.

Former colleagues and students joined for activities and drinks to celebrate a wonderful partnership, which has seen more 530 students take part in the International Exchange between the School of Environment and Life Sciences in Salford and the Chemistry, Bioscience and Physics areas at Toledo.

The numbers of students coming to the UK and going to the USA are amost equal (285 Salford students and 245 Toledo students) which highlights how beneficial the link has been to students on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hosting the Toledo exchange students here at Salford has naturally been a positive experience for the Salford community, but more importantly it internationalises our classrooms and the campus. We are extremely proud to host high quality international students from the United States and from the many other countries around the world. These students undoubtedly enrich the experiences of our own students and colleagues and go on to help forge long-standing links via the Salford alumni network that contribute to Salford’s global branding.

Thirty-five years of exchanges is something we should all be proud of and it must be one of the longest running student exchange programmes in the UK/US higher education systems. 


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