Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP)


CISMP provides a solid foundation of security management principles including risk management, technical controls, UK legal framework and business continuity. Completing this fast-track course will give individuals the confidence to succeed in the CISMP exam and play a vital part in protecting their organisation from complex threats and vulnerabilities.  

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This programme will empower individuals with information security expertise should they decide to take the internationally recognised CISMP exam. This qualification is a particularly valuable certificate for those working in the public sector, as it is recognised as part of The Certified Professional (CCP) Scheme. The course provides a thorough overview of main cyber security domains, forming an invaluable foundation for career progression in the field, and as a primer for further courses such as CISSP and CISM. Applied within the organisation, knowledge learnt on this programme will give the individual the confidence to identify security issues and increase security maturity. Further boosting competitive advantage by better protecting the business and customer data.


This course is designed as an intensive primer for individuals preparing for the CISMP exam. The certification exam is not included in the three-day programme and should be booked separately through the officials BCS website. To apply for the examination please follow the link here.

  • Information Security Principles.
  • Information Risk.
  • Information Security Framework.
  • Procedural & People Security Controls.
  • Technical Security Controls.
  • Software Development & Lifecycle.
  • Physical & Environmental Security.
  • Business Continuity & Management & Disaster Recovery.
  • Other Technical Aspects.
  • CISMP Exam Preparation.
  • Information risk.
  • Information Security frameworks.
  • People security controls.
  • Technical security controls.
  • Physical and environmental controls.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Business continuity.
  • Other technical aspects.
  • Real-life examples regarding information security.

For individuals with 0-3 years experience eager to kickstart a career in IT, or those looking to consolidate their knowledge in anticipation of taking the CISMP exam. This course will solidify attendee’s comprehension of information security management principles and increase career prospects for those passionate about progressing in the sector.

Gary Fildes

Gary Fildes is a Principal Cyber Security Inspector for the ONR. The ONR are responsible for regulating safety and security in civil nuclear-licensed sites across the UK. Gary has over 20 years of industry experience which has spread across education, commercial and government sectors. He has held various roles in commercial and government environments, ranging from infrastructure design and information security. His passion lies in delivering technical networking and cyber security training where he has a consistently high pass rate around the globe.

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