The Food Safety Conference

Food safety is at the forefront of protecting public health, though the ripple effects of the pandemic, have made safeguarding measures challenging. Reduced training, back logs of local authority inspections, and staff shortages are just some of the dilemmas that are facing the sector.

Beyond understanding the continued need for improved standards through public policy and greater technology, sustainability is firmly on the menu, with food waste contributing to 8-10% of global greenhouse gases. Are we currently doing enough to fight this problem or are we simply giving it “the sniff test”?

Despite the ongoing vigilance required across the food landscape, this is also an exciting time for the sector, as FSA Chief Executive Emily Miles points out:

“A shift in the way we consume protein could ensure that we use less carbon in food production; genomics could improve the traceability of food; while digital innovation along the entire food chain offers unprecedented new opportunities for consumer choice”

Join us for SPD’s seventh Food Safety Conference, where we look to examine and discuss all the key issues ranging from supply chain complications, achieving Natasha’s Law, food fraud and everything in between.

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Conference Opens: exhibition and networking


Opening Remarks from the Chair

Dr Rachel Ward
Managing Scientist, Exponent International Limited (Previously of Institute of Food Science & Technology)


Opening Keynote: Food Safety in Humanitarian Context

During global crises, natural disasters like drought and flood in Sub Saharan countries (Burkina Faso, Niger, etc) or mankind conflicts like the Ukraine war, people rely on receiving basic and principal support to eat and survive. In this context within dangerous circumstances, how do Humanitarian Aid Agencies ensure the safety and quality of food assistance, what are the main risks to be considered? What can be done to keep the food safety system sustainable in fragile and volatile security conditions?

Mohamed Nasser
Regional Advisor Food Safety and Quality Assurance, UN - World Food Programme


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Reducing Food Waste for a Sustainable Future

It is reported that roughly 1/3 of food produced every year for human consumption is wasted – a harrowing statistic that equates to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes every year. Too Good To Go is working to combat global food wastage, fight inequality and climate change by impacting national and international regulations and changing public attitudes to waste.

Jamie Crummie
Co-Founder and Director, Too Good To Go


Networking Break


Main Stage


Lived experience of a person with food allergies eating out

Ruth Holroyd
Blogger and Author, The Anaphylaxis Essential Guide


Near Miss Reporting

In this presentation, Jacqui and Caroline highlight Near Miss Reporting as a potential RISK for a more serious incident in the future within hospitality.

Jacqui McPeake - Co-Founder, Hospitality Allergen Support UK (HASUK)

Caroline Benjamin – Co-Founder Hospitality Allergen Support UK (HASUK)


Networking Break


Sponsored Seminar(s) including the Headline Sponsor Seminar slot


What’s food crime got to do with public health?

Exploring the relationship between unsafe food and crime, how did the food get to become unsafe and particularly the human element/involvement therein. The importance of capturing and recording what goes on, and what is seen so that opportunities to identify and deal with dishonesty can be taken. Employing strong examples to help capture how the food crime landscape is developing.

Steve Smith
Head of Outreach, National Food Crime Unit


Networking Break


Panel Discussion: The challenge of assuring Food Safety whilst moving toward a more environmentally sustainable food system

Chair - Dr Rachel Ward – Managing Scientist, Exponent International Limited (Previously of Institute of Food Science & Technology)

Peter Littleton - Chair and Training Services Director, The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology

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Closing keynote: Next Steps in Delivering the National Food Strategy

The National Food Strategy is the first independent review of England's entire food system for 75 years. This session will discuss the next steps towards implementing the National Food Strategy (NFS) recommendations and the importance of bringing together environmental sustainability, diet inequality, and health in a joined-up approach.

Katie Pettifer
Director of Strategy, Legal, Communications and Governance, Food Standards Agency


Closing remarks from the Chair

Dr Rachel Ward
Managing Scientist, Exponent International Limited (Previously of Institute of Food Science & Technology)


Event Ends

Learning Outcomes

  • Analysing the challenges faced by food safety professionals both public and private sectors
  • Methods of improving food safety through the use of new and emerging technology
  • Explore the process of eliminating food waste to meet net-zero targets
  • Evaluating the important updates from the Food Standards Agency
  • Understanding the impact of Natasha’s Law and exploring what next
  • Better understanding of the threats to food authenticity
  • Assessment of the pandemic’s impact on important services and training
  • Discuss supply chain weaknesses, Brexit and Digital Food
  • Learn how products and services can help transform your capabilities
  • Network with colleagues who are working to improve social housing
  • Gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development

Who Should Attend?

  • Auditor
  • Environmental Health Officers
  • Food Safety Officers
  • Food technologists
  • Health and Safety Directors
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Hygiene Managers
  • New Product Development Technologists
  • Quality Assurance Managers / QA Managers
  • Quality Control Managers / QC Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Technical Managers
  • Trading Standards Officer


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