Social Work Degree Apprenticeship

About the programme

The apprenticeship programme is a three-year programme leading to qualification as a Social Worker.  In aligning our apprenticeship offer with the existing BSc (Hons) Social Work degree, we have designed a bespoke apprenticeship route with opportunities for employers to up-skill their current staff or take on new talent to support them to become confident qualified Social Workers.

Our approach to social work education reflects the important connections that exist between individuals, families and communities. We are proud to offer a broad and solid foundation for professional social work practice and to work collaboratively with employers, practitioners and people with lived experience in its delivery.

Our Degree Apprenticeship Team will support you through the process of recruiting and supporting your apprentices whilst our Social Work Team will provide academic and pastoral support for your apprentices.

On completion, apprentices will obtain a BSc (Hons) Social Work degree and be eligible for registration with Social Work England. The apprenticeship is for 36 months with a minimum 20% of this time being spent ‘off-the-job’ which will include study at university, independent learning, assessed practice education and work based learning directly linked to the apprenticeship programme. 

A variety of teaching and learning methods are employed, both traditional and innovative including:

Lectures (both face to face and online, live and recorded)

/ Simulated Practice and skill development/ Teamwork and student presentations

/ Seminars

/ Tutorials

/ Independent and guided study

Benefits for employers

  • Develop and up-skill your workforce in a cost-effective way.                     
  • Recruit and develop ambitious, motivated employees.                        
  • Increase retention by offering your workforce the chance to develop and progress.              
  • Retain your talent and gain access to a broader pool of employees.
  • Tailor learning to your business requirements.
  • Work around your commitments with flexible study options, including block delivery and online learning.

You can find out more on this here. 

Why now?

There has never been a more significant time, in recent years if not decades, for the need for excellent social workers with great skills.

Social workers work with partners in healthcare, educational and voluntary sectors to deliver support and solutions to a range of presenting needs and issues.

Social workers are being employed at the recently opened Nightingale hospital in central Manchester to arrange support and care when patients are leaving hospital. It is a career and profession to be proud of and which offers a great range of opportunities for work and professional development.

Social workers are very much part of the front-line response to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in the UK and they work to support those at the margins of society, the vulnerable and those in need.

The role balances caring for others and intervening when support or protection is needed. In the lockdown situation that we are living in now we know that social work services are needed more than ever.

During lockdown there has been a significant increase in incidences of domestic abuse, and for many people mental health issues are exacerbated by our current circumstances.

Those who were isolated and lonely may be more so now that many support services have closed to save lives and support the NHS response to the virus.

Where before the crisis people or families were about managing with the help of schools, services, and those around them, recent weeks have tipped many into greater and more acute need.

A degree apprenticeship in social work would enable apprentices to work and study at the same time all whilst receiving a salary and on the job expert training. 

Our next intake is September 2020 so please get in touch to find out how you can support employees through this programme to become qualified social workers. 

Please contact us to find out more at:

0161 295 4612