Presentations and Videos

Need to submit a video for an assessment? Delivering an online presentation? Here is guidance to help you deliver a great presentation professionally and with confidence.

Watch this short video to get some top tips for delivering a presentation online.

Video Submissions

Need to submit a video for an assessment? Here is guidance on how to record narration and create a video using a PowerPoint presentation and how to use Screencast-o-Matic, a software tool which can record your screen and also allow you to add video material from other sources to produce a finished video.

Ready to submit your video?

Presentation skills

presentation skills elearning

Have you been asked to deliver a presentation? Whether you are presenting in a classroom, online or creating a video recording of yourself, this short course will help you to learn how to deliver your presentation well and show you some of the things you should try to avoid doing.

Duration: 15 minutes

Assessment Submission

For submission advice and guidance (including help using Turnitin), please see your Assessment Support Module listed under your modules in Blackboard. This area contains the draft submission area for using Turnitin for text matching.