Own your learning

To succeed at University you need to own your learning and be in control of your studies and your life outside of University. Learning how to engage with your studies, manage your time and avoid procrastination are essential skills to help you stay on track.

Engage with your learning

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Actively engaging with your own study and university life is key to succeeding. Develop new academic reading and notetaking techniques and discover some of our other tips.

Duration: 20 minutes

Take control of your learning

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Learn some time management techniques, find your productive mindset and celebrate your achievements.

Duration: 20 minutes

Organising yourself for learning

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How do you like to learn? How can you fit in everything in and meet your deadlines? These questions and more are answered in this eLearning module.

Duration: 20 minutes

Overcoming perfectionism and procrastination

This guide will help you take steps to overcome perfectionism or procrastination you may be experiencing.

Staying motivated with your studies

This guide will help you stay motivated with your studies by looking at strategies to help you stay motivated and boost your academic confidence.