Group work

Group working is now part of most academic learning and is ideal for developing effective team working skills, and demonstrating interpersonal communication and presentation skills that are also highly relevant and valued in the workplace.

Group working online offers the opportunity to build your digital skills with file sharing, using planning/scheduling tools and online presenting.

Group working online during the social distancing of a pandemic may challenging, but there are tools available to help you communicate and collaborate with your peers without face-to-face contact.

These guides offer useful tips for effective online group working to help you to successfully complete your assessment.

Effective group working

Discover our tips and strategies for effective group working.

Duration: 15 minutes

Apps for online group working

Find out about Microsoft Teams and other online apps you can use for effective collaborative group working.

Duration: 15 minutes

Assessment Submission

For submission advice and guidance (including help using Turnitin), please see your Assessment Support Module listed under your modules in Blackboard. This area contains the draft submission area for using Turnitin for text matching.