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Presentation Skills

Poster Presentations

This guide will help you to develop the skills needed to produce a poster presentation that documents the research that you have undertaken including poster design, the selection of appropriate font and colour, and the ability to give a clear and concise oral presentation within a limited time.

Presentation Skills

You will probably have to give at least one presentation during your time at University. It’s also a skill you might need in your chosen career, or you could be asked to give a presentation at a future job interview. Many people find this a daunting prospect, but there are some things you can do to make the experience a little less painful. This guide will run through some tips to help you do your best in presentations.

Presentation Skills

Have you been asked to deliver a presentation? This short course will help you to learn how to deliver a presentation well and show you some of the things you should try to avoid doing.

Format: eLearning | Duration: 15 minutes | Contains audio

IT Training - PowerPoint

Our online training courses and workbooks will help you to improve your PowerPoint skills.

Microsoft Sway

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Microsoft Sway can be used to create interactive presentations and websites to share your reports, personal stories, projects and much more. You can combine text, images, video and social media and then share your Sway with others via a link. There are loads of templates to choose from and once again the drag and drop interface makes this an easy tool to learn to use. There are also some good video tutorials. Go to the Sway website to get started.

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