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Get Going is Salford’s online introduction to studying at University. Through videos, interactive content and quizzes, this online programme will help you to get started and understand the step up to university study.

We estimate that it will take approximately 1 hour to complete. If you choose to return to the resource please try to use the same computer or device and choose to 'resume where you left off' so that your progress will be remembered.

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What is UniSkills?

UniSkills is an online learning course designed to develop your study, research and digital skills and empower you to respond positively to the challenges of studying in higher education and your lifelong learning journey. You can also earn digital badges for successfully completing the UniSkills assessment.

How is it taught?

UniSkills is delivered through Blackboard and is self-paced. You can do as much or as little as you wish. Your tutors may direct you to complete UniSkills as part of your programme, if this is the case then you should follow the instructions they give you for completing the course.

How do I get started?

Simply click on the button below, this will take you directly to the course.

When you want to return to UniSkills you should see it listed under 'My Courses' in Blackboard.

Information for Academic Staff

You can easily and quickly embed UniSkills into your Blackboard module. Click here to learn how.

What topics are covered in UniSkills?

Part 1 - Learning at University

  • Your learning personality.
  • Organising yourself for study.
  • Understanding your university assessments.
  • Your methods of assessment.
  • Your IT skills.

Part 2 - Finding the information you need

  • Finding information for your studies.
  • How are your research skills?
  • What makes information good academic information?
  • Discover the specialist information sources for your subject.

Part 3 - Studying effectively and ethically

  • Academic reading and note-taking at University
  • Using your assessment feedback
  • What is academic misconduct and why does it matter?
  • Understanding Referencing
  • Your online privacy
  • Developing your digital skills
  • Living well for learning