Manchester Science Festival 2022

Manchester Science Festival

We are excited to announce that the Manchester Science Festival is returning this autumn. 

Running from 21-30 October, the festival will explore 'What does the future hold for humanity?'

The University of Salford is returning as Lead Educational Partner. Across the 10-day festival, we'll be running activities inside the Science and Industry Museum. 

For more information about Salford's involvement, please contact:

Manchester Science Festival 2022Future Human

Manchester Science Festival

Manchester Science Festival returns from Friday 21 – Sunday 30 October 2022.

This unmissable festival features world premieres, inspiring experiences and entertaining events, all aimed at exploring what makes us human and asking the question, 'What does the future hold for humanity?'

Our involvement

Prosthetics hand

The University of Salford is Lead Educational Partner for the Manchester Science Festival 2022. We will also be participating in the event programme.

Our lead activity is ROBOT, PAPER, SCISSORS: ENGINEERING A HAND, led by Dr Alix Chadwell, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University. Drawing on the ‘HandBuild/HandAssess’ project, the activity aims to encourage visitors to explore the future of prosthetics and rehabilitation technology.


How do you use your hands every day? What would be possible if prosthetics could catch up with the capabilities of real-life limbs?     
Explore these questions further by joining the 'HandBuild HandAssess' Project team at the University of Salford, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Award, to investigate the future of prosthetics.  

Visitors will be able to challenge a prosthetic counterpart to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, programme a robotic hand and even control one using their own muscles. They can also talk to the engineers and researchers making this futuristic technology a reality today. 

Location: Family Zone

Dates: Daily

Our festival legacy


For over a decade, we have been the Lead Educational Partner for Manchester Science Festival, an event organised by the Science and Industry Museum to create innovative, inspiring and educational experiences around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

In 2018, we launched GameLab, a unique immersive programme of science inspired gaming experiences, bringing together colleagues from across our university to introduce visitors to new ideas and discoveries through digital technologies.  From stepping inside a virtual reality Chernobyl to going underwater with our AquAIRium and getting inside the human body with Gut Feelings, the experience is always unique!

Visit The SciComm Space to explore some of these experiences.