Why You Should Study Psychology with English Language

I am currently studying BSc (Hons) Psychology with English Language,

I chose to study at Salford for many reasons: Location, reputation, and uniqueness of the course. As a mature student, with parental responsibilities, choosing a university with good transportation links was crucial. I knew a few people who had already studied various health courses at Salford, and they couldn’t recommend it enough! Choosing this course was easy as it combines my interests in people and communication with an added mix of biological and cognitive elements.

I have always felt extremely supported by the staff at the University. My course lecturers and seminar leaders are great at raising awareness of the importance of balancing university life and personal life, the library staff are also very supportive and helpful when needing assistance with finding literature and attending workshops to help with academic writing.

Why Study Psychology with English Language?

During my first year, I was able to explore and get to know a lot of the University as the course requires me to attend classes on the Peel Park campus and the Mary Seacole and Allerton buildings. As the course combines English and Psychology, I am fortunate enough to interact with the students from both cohorts during the lecturers and seminars, which has been a great experience. This is something that I was able to continue to experience during the online lectures and webinars in the second year of teaching, during the pandemic.

Although this course does not have a specific placement option in the first and second year, I have still been able to broaden my knowledge of brain development and mental health because of the opportunities I was given during my first and second year, which will help when it comes to gaining employment as a researcher of child development. Becoming an intern for the University’s Cognitive Development Lab has helped with understanding the research and literature review side of the course, and volunteering for Rafiki, the University’s peer support service, provided me with a chance to give something back during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, Salford is the main hub for research in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and I am currently able to contribute to a postgraduate’s research program in this area.