Nations and Regions: Media Futures 2020

MediaCity as the sun sets in the evening.

As part of BBC Digital Cities, we have produced a series of online Nations and Regions: Media Futures events. Each one offers the chance to find out more about a range of media issues and projects and hear from those who work in the media industry, whether they are seasoned professionals or just starting out.

Below you’ll find details of three Nations and Regions: Media Futures sessions scheduled for September.

Each event is free, and all you need to do is register your place using the links below:

Lunch with the Clangers!

1-2pm Tuesday 22nd September

Make a date and have Lunch with the Clangers! Attendees will gain an insight into this iconic series and the stop motion skills they employ from the show’s talent rich creators. The imaginative animation team behind the show will discuss their journey in making this legendary show and explore how it feels to work on such a cult series which last year, celebrated 50 years of entertaining both young and old audiences.

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Media’s Rising Stars

4-5pm Wednesday 23rd September

This session provides the opportunity to meet the University of Salford’s shining stars who are excelling in their media industry careers. Media’s Rising Stars session will include first-hand accounts of how up-and-coming graduates used their time at university to support them to progress their careers within the media. The panel will be sharing tips, highlighting the challenges and discussing the politics that they have encountered on their journey and you will be able to take away some excellent advice and ideas to help you find your ‘dream’ job in the media industry!

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Journalism’s Rising Stars

4-5pm Thursday 24th September

The final event showcases the University of Salford’s Journalism graduates who are taking the broadcast journalism industry by storm. Journalism’s Rising Stars offers the opportunity to hear some vital tips and advice on how to utilise your time at university and the best ways to prepare for a fantastic and exciting Journalism career.

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Beth Hewitt, Creative Director, School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology

“Working closely with industry is central to everything that we deliver at the University of Salford. Our curriculum is motivated and driven by industry and our media partnerships and collaborations live at the heart of our teaching and learning.

“Being a part of BBC Digital Cities 2020 is a great platform for inclusive and diverse audiences to access sessions and I am delighted that this year, Nations and Regions: Media Futures is running a series of exciting media industry panel discussions for this highly successful annual event.

"More Nations and Regions events will be taking place in October and November, and we’ll share details of those soon."