Aisha Aro-Lambo


Postgraduate Student Award

Best PR of the Year Award

“I'm delighted to have been nominated! It means a lot to me to be recognised by the University of Salford Journalism Awards. Being an international student comes with a lot of pressure to perform well, homesickness, and culture shock, and it can stir up an overwhelming number of emotions. This nomination serves as a useful reminder that my dreams, sacrifices, and the time spent researching, crafting, and learning were all well worth it. A thought that will undoubtedly help me get through the difficult times that will inevitably arise as I start my career in public relations. Winning would be a huge achievement, especially during what was a very challenging year for me personally (Covid Pandemic and Virtual Learning). It would provide both encouragement, a stamp of approval and pat on the back for work well done. I will be keeping my fingers crossed!”