Meet Rosemen Ali

Peel building University of Salford

We caught up with Accounting and Finance student Rosemen Ali, who talks us through her experience studying at the University of Salford. Here's what she had to say...


Roseman Ali

Why the University of Salford?

Even though I received several offers, Salford was the only one that looked at my application properly and acknowledged my previous qualifications of 8 ACCA exams and offered me the option to start in the second year. I even felt the personal touch when I came for an Open Day and had a discussion with a tutor.

It's difficult to name specific highlights as most of the course has been enlightening and interesting, though the Business Taxation module was great. As well as this, the course content is engaging, the tutors are all very passionate about their subjects and the assignments are well structured and designed to aid your understanding of the modules. Apart from this, achieving 100% in a 3 hour Financial Accounting Exam, receiving the Inspiring Student 2016 Award and The Students’ Student of the Year 2016 Award were definitely personal highlights. 

What next?
I have just applied for a PGCE course as I hope to return as a lecturer at Salford sometime in the future.

Advice to others?

Grab the opportunity as the experience will be worth it. The tutors are very welcoming and always find time for your queries. The personal touch is unmatched (3 of my children have been in the other two Universities in Manchester). You will feel supported throughout. It’s a multicultural environment with students from all over the world therefore making the experience even more wholesome.