Meet Jake Ellison

Colleagues walking Peel campus

We caught up with the former Salford law student who talks us through his job role and how his studies at Salford have helped him in his career profession.  Here's what he had to say...


Jake Ellison

The Salford Experience 

I always wanted to come to Manchester and when I came to an Open Day at Salford, I really enjoyed the staff and enjoyed the course and the quality and content of the course that was on offer, so I thought it would be the best thing for me to do.

It was only really when I came to Salford that I realised I actually wanted to go into law. I did law because I thought it would be a good qualification to have but I wasn’t really interested in going into the legal profession.  After studying for the first year, I decided I wanted to get a bit more experience and see what the legal profession is like so did a mini pupillage that was arranged through Salford University. That set me on course to want to become a barrister.

I also competed in the National Mooting competition. I competed in three of those throughout my time at Salford. And the opportunities that they offered me alongside other schemes such as CLOCK and volunteering with other organisations through Salford helped.

During my final year at university, I studied employment law which is directly what I’m into now. The practical nature of the course really helped in my application for the work at Peninsula as well as applying the skills I’ve used and what was on the course really helps in my job every day. 

Life After The University of Salford 

I’m a litigation executive for Peninsula handling employment tribunal cases on behalf of clients from the point when we get the client. So I’m drafting the response which is the defense to the client and preparing all the way to the final period.

Advice For Future Students

Work hard. Make sure that you enjoy yourself as well because it’s a heavy course, you have to give yourself enough time to learn the topic as well as be able to apply it. So, have fun and enjoy it as well, get involved in as many extra curricular activities both around law and nothing to do with law so you can balance your time effectively.