Meet Amy Haigh - BSC International Events Student

Peel building at the University of Salford

As part of BSc International Events Management, Amy Haig took part in an international placement at the Marriott Hotel in Brussels. We caught up with Amy to find out about her experiences. 

Here's what she had to say...


The benefits of an industrial placement year ...

My motivation for doing an industrial placement year was to gain insight into the events industry and take the chance of applying the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my degree in a real life working environment. I would definitely say that I achieved this! Working in the events department at the Marriott in Brussels has been an invaluable opportunity to put into practice everything I have learned about event management. It has opened my eyes to the practical and operational sides of event management. 

Co-ordinating the conferences and banqueting events at the hotel has really refined my organisational skills, my interpersonal communications skills and my knowledge of the events industry. Being part of a team and having my colleagues rely on me to work hard and pull my weight has shown me that I am capable of much more than I ever imagined I was. Having the responsibility of handling large conferences and being the contact point for the client was a huge responsibility, and has shown me that doing a job that you love and taking pride in your work is the best motivation to work hard.

My placement has not only taught me about hospitality opportunities within the events industry, it has also made me aware of how many other sectors there are within the industry. This experience has clarified for me exactly where my strong skills are, what I need to work on and exactly where I would like to take my career after graduation.

I would 100% recommend doing a placement year! It is the perfect opportunity to get some work experience that is specific to your course. Applying for jobs after graduation can be a daunting experience at the best of times, especially when you don’t know where to start. A professional experience year will give you a clear idea of what kind of job you’re looking for, as well as giving you an edge on other applicants from the employer’s point of view. 

Amy's work placement advice...

The thought of going abroad can be nerve-racking, however this is the perfect time to do it if you are considering travelling for work. You still have full support from your lecturers and your personal tutor, as well as your assigned supervisor throughout the placement, so you are never alone and you know you will be coming back to Salford in a years’ time. For me personally, it made me realise that living abroad not only looks amazing on your CV, but is not as scary as it initially sounds. Meeting new people and learning new cultures and experiences is an added bonus if you choose to go abroad. I know now that when I graduate, I will be looking for opportunities all around the world and not just in the UK.