Marketing Trends you need to know for your Business

Marketing trends in digital media continue to evolve rapidly. Now, personalization, seamlessness, and automation are becoming increasingly important. New technologies are helping small businesses connect with customers when and where they wish, in a way that makes them feel special. These 6 digital marketing trends won't let you down if you're looking for an edge in your marketing.

  1. Digital marketing automation

    In marketing automation, you use digital tools to complete repetitive tasks. Social media posting can be automated so you do not have to manually submit content every day. Using email automation campaigns, you can send a stream of emails to customers based on triggers like signing up for a list. In this way, you can save valuable time and energy as a small business. Customer communication is also maintained through Marketing Automation. This could be attributed to why a large number of users had an increase in conversions after using marketing automation software.

  1. Wireless Marketing

    Providing free public WIFI is already a given in terms of customer experience. WiFi marketing allows you to offer not only a connection to satisfy a customer's problem, but also to do something more with it. Marketing effectively does not just involve collecting information or hopping on the latest digital marketing trend but understanding the context in which that information is valuable. WIFI marketing lets you leverage the information and offers that users connecting to your free WIFI can collect. Even if your audience didn't buy anything from you, they still took more steps than anyone you'd target on Facebook, Google, or any other typical advertising avenue. With the right system in place, you can even track how many times they've visited, how long they stayed, etc. To convert them, you need to present them with an irresistible offer at the right time.

  1. Customer personalization

    It's amazing how many preferences our mobile devices remember: who we follow on social media, where we usually order takeout, and so on. Using our marketing, in the same manner, should come as no surprise. Marketing to those who want to buy from us raises the bar. Personalization is the way to go here. In other words, you should pay close attention to not only the way customers arrive at your site but the other information they leave behind as well.

  1. Local Services Ads

    The push to become more localized is one of the biggest digital marketing trends today. In addition to paid advertisements, Google has introduced Local Services to help businesses connect with customers. If you're not the right fit for the person searching, Google will not charge the person who is searching and instead connect them with someone more appropriate. While there are several ways to handle your Local Services Profile, the key is to make sure you go through Google's process and that you have reviews to help push customers to your business. Getting reviews is, therefore, a priority in your strategy. Offering a deal in exchange for completing a review can help build a business's online credibility.

  1. Optimization for Voice Search

    It is not surprising that more and more searches are being conducted by voice as virtual home assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri become increasingly popular. In what way does that impact your small business? Based on recent research, it appears that voice search relies on Natural Language Processing (NLP), meaning that it searches based on how we speak. As a result, you should not feed a search engine longer strings than are typically used. Voice search users can dominate the market by using much longer strings than would normally be suitable for search engines. Small businesses should also know that local search plays a key role in voice search. You should incorporate keywords that describe your neighborhood and region into your keyword strategy to get the most return on investment.

  1. Stories on social media

    The emphasis on stories rather than individual posts is one of the biggest trends in social media. Many businesses are taking advantage of this approach, using stories to provide behind-the-scenes access to their audiences and develop a closer relationship with them. Despite being less permanent than other forms of posts, stories have that fear-of-missing-out element that traditional posts lack, which gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd.


In recent years, millions have switched to online business exchanges and digital methods to communicate with customers. In the digital marketing world, your small business can survive and thrive if you address the trends for 2021. Understand which How to maximize your return on investment with digital marketing. From your WiFi marketing strategy to tactics you can deploy in-store


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